How We Can Help the Senior Community

How We Can Help the Senior Community

You’re probably familiar with the song lyric, “We all need somebody to lean on,” and it’s true. However, some seniors have very limited family and friends nearby, or no one at all. For those seniors with limited help, they often fall between the cracks and their calls for help can go unnoticed. Thankfully, this is where your church family comes in to lend a helping hand!

The following list includes resources to help the members of your church become familiar with the challenges that face the aging community. What’s more, it also explains how you can play an active role in their lives to ensure they are taken care of on all levels, including physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

At-Home Safety
It’s not uncommon for seniors to want to age in place, but doing so requires a few changes to ensure their home remains safe and accessible. Here are some helpful resources:

The Complete Guide To Aging In Place
Smart Home Technology for Seniors: 13 Different Systems
7 Steps to Help Prevent Senior Falls
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Cybersecurity Awareness: How to Stay Protected

General Health and Wellness
Health and wellness includes staying active and eating right, but that also includes staying on top of doctor’s appointments, wellness visits, prescriptions and mental health.

Wellness Check-up Schedule for Seniors
How Seniors On a Tight Budget Can Get Help with Medication Costs

Organizing Finances
Managing finances can be difficult for some seniors; plus, there are senior-targeted scams lurking around every corner. Of course, managing finances isn’t impossible- you just need to know some tricks to help you find your way!

Daily Money Management Programs for Seniors
The Most Common Financial Scams Taking Advantage of Older Americans
Help Planning for a Home Sale with an Accurate Proceeds Estimate

Church Involvement
For seniors who don’t have loved ones to turn to for help, a supportive church family can be all the help and love they need. Although the following resources are not specifically Catholic, they may provide some helpful insights concerning church involvement, especially for the elderly.

Why Is Church Extra Important For Elderly Members?
Six Ways to Engage Older Adults in Worship
The Surprising Benefits of Going to Church

There are many important ways you can lend a helping hand to seniors. Reach out and introduce yourself to the senior members of your community. Offer your help, lend a listening ear, provide a moment of sincere conversation, and fling your church doors wide open!

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